Is Bugis the best place to find Cat Cafe in Singapore?

Calling all cat lovers! What is the best place to find cat cafe in Singapore? Is a one stop town to enjoy the most of cat entertainment? Yes Bugis is the very place to go!

There are three reasons (and an extra reason) why you should go Bugis for Cat Cafe: Link

1. The Cat Café

The Cat Café has the most straight forward name that everyone would mention when they talk about cat cafe in Singapore. The Cat Café is the only family friendly cat cafe in Singapore. With The Cat Café, you can now go to cat cafe with your children if they are above six years old. How cool is that? You can interact with the cats, interact with your children, and your children can interact with the cats as well! You can subtly convert your children to cat lovers just by bringing them to The Cat Café! Furthermore, The Cat Café also conducted educational cat session to teach the children to love animals and to let them know more about cats. 

Location: 241B Victoria Street, Singapore 188030

2. Meomi Cat Café
at cafe
Are cat cafe Singapore all about cat and coffee? The answer is of course no! How perfect would it be when you have more than just cat and coffee? Meomi Cat Café provides you delicious pastries! With the same price you paid for just your cat, you can get the complimentary drink, and they do quality cakes, sweets and coffees that you can get to perfect your cat entertainment! And on top of that, nothing beats their adorable cats! So what about enjoying your high tea with cats all around you? Don't miss out Meomi Cat Café!

Location: 668 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188801

3. The Cat Museum
at cafe
What is more fun to have a cup of coffee? On other than going to Singapore's very own Cat Museum. Visit or Sign Up as a volunteer, chop yourself a place to be with the adorable cats in town! The cat museum is now one of the most popular place cat lovers go and enjoy themselves. If you are a cat lover, make sure you are one of them!

Location:  8 Purvis St #02-02, 188587

Are the three cat cafes and museum not enough for you to enjoy cat entertainment in Singapore? Bugis is also the place with Central Library Building where you can find more knowledge about cats! There are also street cats for you to explore in the bushes or around the corner! Last but not least, what about a cat shop? There is exactly one at Bugis!

Cat Socrates

The shop owner has a cute cat. Not only that, lots and lots of cat related products for cat owners and cat lovers! Notebooks, cups, cushions, postcards, posters, socks, and whatever you want with cats elements! Be sure you detour here for the full exposure with cat stuffs!

Location:  231 Bain St, #02-25, 180231

Bugis is the town all about cat and all for cat lovers! Come down to the town for the best cat cafes, cat museum, cat shops and cat entertainment in Singapore!


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