Top Cat Cafes in Singapore

Top Cat Cafes in Singapore - Cafes are the common hang-out spot for Singaporeans to relax, refresh and study.  There are many types of cafes, and there is even one for cats! and cat lovers! Meow! 

Did you know that there are so many cat cafes just around the corner? How could you resist those watery eyes and the fluffy furry cuteness! If you are still wondering where they are or which one to go, we have listed Top 5 cat cafe Singapore around the town (Bugis, Chinatown)! 

1. Cat Café Neko No Niwa

Cat Café Neko No Niwa is the first cat cafe Singapore and probably the most famous and established cat cafe in Singapore. The owners, Sam and Sue, are entrepreneurs who are cat lovers themselves! After their cat cafes experiences in Japan, where cat cafe originated, they are determined to bring back the same experience to Singapore for all the cat lovers here! Everyone will find their cup of coffee and cup of cat!  With numerous new cat cafe Singapore opened in recent years, we still see Cat Café Neko No Niwa growing bigger than ever, with their effort to cater for everyone and catch our stomach and heart for the love of coffee and cats

2. The Cat Café

The Cat Café has the most straight forward name that everyone would mention when they talk about cat cafe in Singapore. The Cat Café is the only family friendly cat cafe in Singapore. With The Cat Café, you can now go to cat cafe with your children if they are above six years old. How cool is that? You can interact with the cats, interact with your children, and your children can interact with the cats as well! You can subtly convert your children to cat lovers just by bringing them to The Cat Café! Furthermore, The Cat Café also conducted educational cat session to teach the children to love animals and to let them know more about cats. 
3. Cuddles Cat Café (Now Closed)

Cuddles Cat Café,  with its size 2,500 square feet space, was the largest cat cafe in Singapore so far. Located at *SCAPE, it has the greatest number of cats. It had three distinct themed zones - Sunset, Night and Sea. Sadly, with the death of 7 cats in the Cat Cafe Singapore, the Cafe is permenantly closed. However, we still admitted it was once the third best Cate Cafe we had!

4. Meomi Cat Café
at cafe
Are cat cafe Singapore all about cat and coffee? The answer is no! How perfect would it be when you have more than just cat and coffee? Meomi Cat Café provides you delicious pastries! With the same price you paid for just your cat, you can get the complimentary drink, and they do quality cakes, sweets and coffees that you can get to perfect your cat entertainment! And on top of that, nothing beats their adorable cats! So what about enjoying your high tea with cats all around you? Don't miss out Meomi Cat Café!
5. The Company of Cats

When cat is also not enough for you, and you just want to enjoy their coexistence with you in the same space, you are probably thinking about having some quiet reading time with cats and cats and cats. Well, The Company of Cats thinks the same! This cat cafe Singapore was transformed from a clubhouse for cat owners and cat lovers. Bring your own books or enjoy a great book on the shelf, with delicious food and cuppa’ Joe. Cats will just come and sit around you! Try if you can focus on reading or your attention is totally attracted to those cats! There is no service charge at The Company of Cats, you serve yourself and serve the cat! 
Cat cafe Singapore is for everyone! If you are a student, study at a cat cafe instead of Starbucks! If you are a party lover, party at cat cafes instead of Clark Quay! If you are a cat lover, of course, you must always go to cat cafes in Singapore!


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